Friday, December 28, 2012

My two "best" plays

2012 was a big year for me on the playwriting tip.
After throwing my dramatist hands in the air for a spell
I dusted myself off and got back on my stage bars.

Smartest decision I ever made. Both plays I wrote in 2010/2011 enjoyed
great runs this year. ( a list of reviews for both shows can be found within previous
posts on this here blog-site)

How We Got On, my 1988 midwest coming of age jump off premo-ed at Actors Theater of Lousiville's Humana Festival back in March.

NPR affiliate WPFL called it one of the top Arts events of the year

Idris Goodwin's homage to the Golden Age of hip hop was a stand-out in Actors Theatre's Humana Festival of New American Plays. This sweet and fresh coming of age story is a portrait of an artist as a young MC in the days when hip hop first came to the suburbs. 

Subsequent productions of HWGO will go down in 2013 in Charlotte, North Carolina and Boston, MA. Possibly more--stay tuned
Blackademics, my dark comedy of consumption, enjoyed a great run with Chicago's MPAACT in October.

A little paper called The Chicago Tribune called it one of the top plays of the year

A different kind of intellectual cage match unfolded in Idris Goodwin's sardonic social comedy in which two black female professors literally fight for a place at the table in an impossibly trendy boite, brandishing cultural references and personal recriminations.

As of this writing I currently have a full plate of commissions --scripts I am developing toward productions across the country between 2013-2015.

So folks, the moral of the story. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and get on your job!

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