Thursday, May 3, 2012

What's poppin in the 20 dozen: May

Happy May,

First off, make sure you get something nice for ya mama. You owe it to her.
Speaking of that, I am a couple months away from joining the international league of fathers.

"Is it a boy?"
"Is it a girl?"

Dont know, but it will surely be brown - which is all I care about.

Beyond that - we are leaving Iowa in a matter of days (bitter sweet) - headed west to the great state of Colorado  where I plan to look like this (bear included):

where I will also begin a two year full time teaching/post doctoral fellowship in performance writing
at Colorado College - Felicia will teach audio essay course there starting next year

As far as my other babies -- Me and the team are working hard on subsequent productions of my Humana play How We Got On in a few key markets. Because the wheels of regional theater are slower than a tortoise walking through molasses in Timberlands, I will have to slowly trickle that info out to ya....but it'll be good info

Speaking of theater - make sure you pick up the July/Aug issue of American Theater Magazine
should contain a little interview with ya boy

So aside from moving, expecting, and waiting - what else?

This fall, MPAACT one of Chicago's prominent Black Theater companies will be producing my latest script BLACKADEMICS which is sure to confound and delight. It's a strange comic drama thing about these two friendly competitive professors who find themselves trapped in some sort of purgatorial bistro.

Also this fall, I'll be participating in this big crazy thing: ISEA 

But enough about me - go make your mom a card!

Go team Cee-LO!


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