Monday, June 25, 2012

"Those who'll tell don't know. Those who know won't tell."

Colorado is unseasonably hot. It's hella hot. No bugs, no humidity (which is great) but a brotha is trying his best to keep cool. I feel like I am in the movie Do the right thing (which, if you havent seen, you need to see or else, you wont be considered a true grown up). BUT I am gettin mad writing done. Tightening the screws on the new and improved, Blackademics, which is gonna drop this fall in Chicago with the unapologetically black company MPAACT. Stay tuned for details.

And speaking of Chicago, American Theater Company produced one of my shorts in their annual Big Shoulders festival. Here is what my piece The Ghost Of Harold Washington looked like.

Also adapted my play How We Got On into a screenplay. Thats right, like what they make movies out of. "For what studio?" You may ask -- "nah, nah, nah" I am responding. I am in a if-you-build-it-they-will-come type mindstate. I did it cuz I could. (columbia college BA in film, class of 2000 fool!)

 I dont have any uncles or aunts in the business but if you do, ask if they'd be interested in a coming of age rap drama set in the 1988 suburbs of an unnamed midwestern city (it's probably detroit though)

Speaking of HWGO, there will be more stage productions next year in Boston, North Carolina, possibly the Bay, possibly Colorado -- if you want it in your city too, tell your local regional theater to stop sleepin on the kid.

Also creating this piece called Instant Messages for the 2012 ISEA Conference in Albuquerque. I'm taking a big bag full of tweets and other digital banter and transforming it into a one act performance text. I'll be cobbling out a script to be brought to life by my ole chums Tricklock. A criminally underrated company in New Mexico. It's probably gonna be weird and fun and a little too true. Either way it wont be like anything else you seen lately.

Hope you're well. And I'm out.

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